MemType is an open source device that types passwords and usernames for you. It stores all your credential information encrypted and types it automagically when you need it.



Link to project files: [Project Repository]

The main goal of this open source project is being the most simple, easy and cost effective solution to keep and use your passwords.


  • Encrypted storage using [NOEKEON] implemented in ASM!
  • PIN Lock, unlock it when connected! no one can use it if lost!
  • Store not only the password but also the user! it types it all for you jumping from one field to another!
  • Why stop there? store also the command and it’ll type it for you! let it type the long “ssh user@someserver -p port” command for you or anything else! You can add waits so it types everything at the right time with ASCII SYN chars.
  • Enumerates as a HID, no need for drivers, it’ll work on any device with USB.
  • Dynamic storage, you’re not limited to a given number of passwords, just fill the 2K flash with them :)
  • Assign names to your stored user/password/commands so you can find them fast and easy.
  • Easy command line tool to manage all your keys, make backups in xml, copy it to another device for some other user with access to the same services for example.
  • Easy to generate keymaps, edit the example file and generate the one for your keyboard map and language.
  • Open Source Hardware and Software.

How it works:

It can be used with any device that has a USB port, no drivers or software needed to use it because it internally works as a keyboard.

Just focus the input where you would have to type and let it do the work of remembering all the log in information and type it in.

  1. Connect the memtype to any usb port.
  2. Move the joystick to enter pin (up increments, down decrements and inside enters number).
  3. Choose your credentials by name and it types them for you, including changing from user to password fields and pressing submit button!.

Great video review by N_O_D_E:

NOTE: This page is still work in progress.