We are working on a new version of the Memtype, this time we will call it Memtype Lite. It wil have the same features as Memtype with the following improvements:

  • Increased Credentials Size
  • Better OS compatibility, Windows, Linux, Mac.
  • Add /┬áDelete /┬áModify credentials and device configuration using a command line interface through serial port.
  • One side PCB with USB form factor to be embedded into a plastic case.
  • Firmware Update.

In order to have a prototype to play with, we ordered 5 boards from PCBWay. The boards arrived in a week by selecting DHL shipping method. If you need quick turnaround at very low price PCBWay is your choice.


This is how the package looked, PCBWay kindly added a Merry Christmas message on the box. After opening the package we checked the dimensions of the boards within the USB case.


The PCB boards manufactured from PCBWay looked very nice, the silkscreen was very good, they made a castellated hole on the USB connector and everything was according the gerber files provided.

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